Terry Wogan charms with Limerick city verse

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Terry Wogan, and below, Serena Hartigan, Mark Manning and Tara Hartigan of BundlBee
TERRY Wogan has penned an ode to his native city, to form part of a new virtual walking trail of Limerick.

TERRY Wogan has penned an ode to his native city, to form part of a new virtual walking trail of Limerick.

The BBC presenter penned the five line verse to be included in Limerick’s Limericks, a new interactive walking trail through the city.

“Friendship is Limerick’s style, We invite you to stay a while, Share our town, our history, Treaty Stone and our courtesy, I promise, you’ll leave with a smile,” reads the limerick, which will be placed on a plaque at one of 12 sites around the city.

Plaques will be erected at each of the sites, containing the specially composed limericks and historical information about each point - accessible through QR code scanners on smartphones.

The idea is the brainchild of Limerick company BundlBee, who developed the virtual walking and heritage tour in conjunction with City of Culture, and Tara Hartigan said the company was “thrilled” to have Terry Wogan involved.

“He was suggested by Limerick Leader editor Alan English, that Terry is a brilliant Limerick man and an advocate for all things Limerick - so we contacted him and he was very obliging, incredibly so,” explained Tara.

“He was a little bit shy about his poetic abilities, his writing skills, but he still gave it a shot and came back with a nice limerick.”

The trail mixes history and poetry to good effect and BundlBee hope that it will appeal to a younger generation.

“We feel that when people think about walking trails, they think of tourists, but really a lot of people are interested in their own city and want to find out more about it,” said Tara.

“When you are outside a building, you don’t tend to wonder about it. This, having a QR code on the outside, will allow them to access the history of each spot very simply and rapidly.”

BundlBee is running a competition to encouraging budding writers to pen a limerick and potentially have their names written into the history of the city.

Closing date for entries is Monday, August 25 and the plaques will be unveiled on August 28. See www.limerickslimericks.com.