Limerick beauty blogger shares tips and tricks with a worldwide audience

Fashion and beauty blogger Niamh Webb O'Rourke pictured while browsing in Brown Thomas Limerick. Picture: Michael Cowhey
A LIMERICK teenager whose online beauty blog has secured over 43,000 page views is reaching out to an even greater audience by sharing her make-up tips and tricks on YouTube.

A LIMERICK teenager whose online beauty blog has secured over 43,000 page views is reaching out to an even greater audience by sharing her make-up tips and tricks on YouTube.

Niamh Webb O’Rourke from Kilmallock began writing her blog, Love Life, last July having just finished her Leaving Certificate.

Instead of going straight into a full-time college course, the 18-year-old decided to take a year out to explore all the options open to her - to try out new things and tease out which direction she wants to follow in terms of her career.

“I knew when I was going through the CAO process that nothing was immediately pulling me. I was just putting down courses for the sake of going to college, but mam and dad were so supportive of me doing what I wanted to do, which was good,” she explained.

As well as writing her blog, Niamh works in River Island in the Crescent Shopping Centre and goes to college at night in Limerick city - she is studying marketing, PR, sales and advertising in Griffith College.

“I have all the CAO books but I just love the course I am doing at night and I can go on to the second year and after two years I will have a degree,” she explained.

Through her Love Life blog – the name was inspired by the Live Life motto of the late Donal Walsh from Kerry whose story affected her deeply - Niamh provides up-to-date information on the latest beauty must-haves.

The blog also provides tips on how to make the most of your features and get the best out of your beauty regime.

In terms of fashion, Niamh keeps her finger on the pulse and provides regular posts on the hottest new looks around. She also gives advice on dressing for your shape, and features snappy interviews with people in the fashion and beauty industry.

“I try to keep it up-to-date,” said Niamh of the blog which also provides regular postings based on her own life and her interests.

“I think you need to keep uploading material. When I decided in July to do it, I said I might as well do it properly from the start rather than doing it half-hearted.”

While she has modelled part-time in the past, Niamh - who cites Kylie and Kendall Kardashian as her fashion icons - says she feels more comfortable behind the scenes in the fashion industry.

However, it would be her dream to pursue a career in television presenting.

“Something like Xpose I would love to do,” she smiled. “I love everything in the fashion industry. I love tv and I love styling.”

Her latest endeavour has seen her launch her very own make-up tutorials on the video-sharing website YouTube which can be viewed by an international audience.

“A lot of my followers were contacting me asking me how I was doing my make-up every day or if I had any tips or tricks so I decided to start recording make-up tutorials,” she explained.

“The one that was requested the most was my everyday make-up routine so I posted that one last night. I was so nervous because you don’t know what is going to happen but it really has taken off so I am delighted with that,” she said.

Niamh has plans to upload a make-up look for the older woman, the younger woman – “every age bracket”.

While her blog has a light-hearted vibe to it, Niamh is cognisant of the pressure on young women to be slim and beautiful.

Love Life, she says, aims to inspire women to embrace and enhance their unique beauty, no matter what their age, shape or dress size may be.

“The one thing I want to say is loads of bloggers out there are about the size zero and how everybody has to be the ‘It’ look. I’m not about that and I’ve made that so clear in the blog.

“I’m not a size zero. I love my food way too much to be a size zero. The one thing I can’t stand is the pressure. I think everyone should embrace what they have - that’s one of my main aims for the blog. And I want every age to find something of interest to them.”