Mongolian trip to raise funds for school for deaf

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Aran Power, Kevin Power and  Stephen Allen preparing for their 16,000km journey to Mongolia [Picture: Liam Burke / Press 22]
IT is the challenge of a life-time, travelling 16,000km through 17 countries on three motorbikes.

IT is the challenge of a life-time, travelling 16,000km through 17 countries on three motorbikes.

Clarina men Kevin Power and his brother Aran, plus friend Stephen Allen, set out on the Lock, Stock and 3 Smoking Hondas expedition last Friday.

The mission? To ride from Limerick to Mongolia on their “trusty steeds” and raise funds for the Mid-West School for Hearing Impaired Children in Rosbrien.

The route? Through the well known - England, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey - to the less well known - Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan - arriving in Ulaan Baatar in eastern Mongolia.

They will also attempt the expedition with no support vehicles and dependent on whatever equipment they can carry plus the generosity of people they encounter along the way.

They each have over ten years of motorcycle riding and maintenance experience and have a firm goal in mind, to help the school towards its annual target of €26,000 in funding.

“Our journey is expected to take six weeks and accommodation during this time for three adult males will be a four man tent, which should be cosy,” laughed Kevin before setting off from the school last Friday, waved into the distance by the Mayor of Limerick Cllr Michael Sheahan.

“All equipment, visas and travel costs are being covered by the participants, none of the monies raised will be used to fund the journey.”

When the trio arrive at their destination, they intend to donate the bikes to a local charity.

“We plan to donate the motorcycles to the ‘Christina Noble Foundation’. They would then donate the motorcycles on our behalf to local Mongolian nomads for whom such a vehicle is a life changing gift.”

The effort is greatly appreciated by Maria Allen, principal of Mid West School for Hearing Impaired Children.

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