Funding received for 61 Gathering events in Limerick

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

LIMERICK has received funding to the tune of €110,000 to host some 61 events as part of the Gathering 2013.

LIMERICK has received funding to the tune of €110,000 to host some 61 events as part of the Gathering 2013.

Details of the three flagship and 58 community events were unveiled at a launch at King John’s Castle this Tuesday, and the initiative is expected to be a major tourist drive for Limerick over the course of 2013.

The 61 Gatherings for Limerick were funded as a result of a €1m philanthropic donation by IPB Insurance that was matched by the Gathering Ireland, in response to the enormous interest expressed nationwide in the programme.

The flagship events for the region are Limerick City Weekend of Welcomes, to take place from October 24-28, Limerick International Fashion and Design Week, October 29-31 and An International Gathering of Horse Racing Clubs and Enthusiasts, November 9-11 - while a whole host of events will take place across the city and county, including: the Abbey Fishermen Homecoming in the city in May; the John Enright Castleconnell Flycasting Festival in October; the Knights of Westfest Music Festival in September and a Lifting Limerick Golf Event in Adare in June, plus many more.

Conn Murray, manager of the new merged local authorities, said he was “delighted” at the huge response received to the request for funding applications.

“I would like to particularly praise the many community groups, clubs, organisations and individuals across Limerick for their contribution to developing one of the country’s most diverse and exciting calendar of events for The Gathering,” he said.

“When you look at the huge number of events that are taking place in Limerick, there really is something for everyone and I believe these Gatherings will reap huge benefits for our local economy,” he added.

Donal Fitzgibbon, chair of the Limerick Gathering steering committee, praised the work being done at community level to develop events for the Gathering.

“What is really happening is that at community level, what you are seeing is the tip of the iceberg and the amount of work going on at local level is phenomenal,” he said.

“What we are hoping will come out of this is to identify maybe three or four events that will become national festivals and be put into festival calendars,” he added.

The Great Limerick Run also falls under the umbrella term of the Gathering, but received national funding for the May event.

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