Limerick finally has a new late-night cafe

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

LIMERICK finally has a late- night cafe - three years after the last one closed.

LIMERICK finally has a late- night cafe - three years after the last one closed.

In response to calls to open a late-night cafe in the city centre, Ger Sheahan, the proprietor of Lulu’s Cafe on Catherine Street, agreed to open the outlet after normal hours.

Two weeks into the later opening, he says it has been a success, with repeat business from taxi drivers, and revellers among others.

Lulu’s Night Cafe is open six nights a week, Monday to Saturday, from 10pm until 4am, while on Sunday, they open for breakfast.

“The idea came about following discussion with people who were reminiscing as to how Java’s [in Henry Street] was a great spot, and that there is no such place in Limerick now,” he explained.

Ger said he has been staffing the night cafe himself a lot of the time, joking that: “My weight loss programme is going very well at the moment!”

“The business has been very successful so far. We have had some good repeat business from taxi drivers, doormen, bar men, and people coming home from work,” he added.

Ger said they are looking for a bigger response from Limerick’s student population.

“We have given out leaflets, so we will take it from there.”

“It’s much nicer than going to a take away: We have the same daily menu. We haven’t raised our prices like some cafes either. It is same old same old. You can have a full Irish breakfast at 2.30 in the morning if you wish.”

Management at Lulu’s Cafe have been utilising social networking site Facebook, where ‘fans’ of the cafe can avail of special offers.

They have also joined Living Social, where they have already given out 313 vouchers offering new customers freebies.

“We are getting a huge response through Facebook, and we have also been using LivingSocial vouchers. We are up there with the best of them, and outstripping most of them,” Ger concluded.