The Cranberries release first new song in over ten years

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

THE Cranberries have released their first new song in over a decade, putting Show Me The Way out as a free download this Wednesday morning.

THE Cranberries have released their first new song in over a decade, putting Show Me The Way out as a free download this Wednesday morning.

The song is a taster of new album Roses, which will be released on February 10 next year. The Limerick four piece - Dolores O’Riordan, Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan, and Fergal Lawler - have put the album track up as a free download on their official Facebook page, see link The Cranberries Facebook.

The album will be the band’s first in ten years and their first since reforming in August 2009 after a seven year absence. It will be the band’s sixth studio album and was recorded in Toronto by the band with producer Stephen Street over a five week period this year. It will be the band’s first release since Wake Up And Smell The Coffee, which was released in 2001. The Cranberries sold in the region of 40 million records worldwide before breaking up in 2003.

They briefly reunited for an acoustic performance in 2009 when O’Riordan received an honorary degree at Trinity College.

“The minute we started playing, it felt like we’d never stopped,” Dolores said. “There’s something about playing with The Cranberries. It’s like putting on a perfect pair of shoes. It just fits.”

O’Riordan had confirmed to the Limerick Leader in mid-2009 that the band were due to re-unite, saying: “For so long there was so much pressure. When you are 20 years old and that many people are looking at you, of course you are going to screw up. Every mistake that you make is publicised.

“But when you move away and get away from it all and start to have kids - suddenly it is not all about me, it is about life and you have this real love and this reality that perhaps is something that I craved for so long.”

In 2010, The Cranberries went on a reunion tour that took them all over Europe as well as to North and South America and Asia, culminating in the band’s first ever shows in China in 2011, racking up 107 concerts on the worldwide tour.

They performed a thumping set at the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics in Thomond Park in 2010, their first appearance in the stadium.

Noel Hogan recently told the Limerick Leader that the album was a more “mature version of the earlier albums”.

“You’d know it was us a mile away, but it’s not a heavy album by any means, it’s a bit more laid-back,” he said.

The quartet hit the big time in the early 90s with seminal album Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?, going on to have huge success, in particular in the United States. Several members of the most famous band to emanate from the city still reside in Limerick.

World renowned rock photographer Andy Earl came to Limerick to shoot The Cranberries’ new album cover in July, his sixth for the band.

Earl, from Sussex, has photographed over 120 iconic album sleeves for acts as diverse as Pink Floyd, Madonna, Prince, Paul McCartney, Duran Duran, Robbie Williams, Morrissey and Johnny Cash.

The album will be released on Cooking Vinyl. Show Me The Way will be available as a free download for two weeks.