Limerick to acclaim those who fought fascism

Nick Rabbitts and An


Nick Rabbitts and An

All systems go! Mike McNamara, president of the Limerick Council of Trade Unions, Cllr Joe Leddin, Jack Bourke, chairman LIBMT and Ger McCloskey, PRO
A CULTURAL weekend to honour those Limerick men who fought against fascism is set to be held in September.

A CULTURAL weekend to honour those Limerick men who fought against fascism is set to be held in September.

The Limerick International Brigades Memorial Trust (LIBMT) has teamed up with the Limerick Trades Council to organise a weekend in honour of those who fought against the Franco dictatorship in the Spanish Civil War.

After the group were successful in sourcing funding for the project, they have also received the backing of members of Limerick City and County Council’s cultural committee.

The weekend will be held between September 12 and 14, with a full series of events.

These include lectures and debate, music, art, poetry, historical walks and tours marking the living places of the men who fought - against popular opinion at time.

A number of big name music artists are expected to participate along with Limerick’s own renowned poet John Liddy who, along with Andy Irvine of Planxty fame are patron’s of the group.

At the cultural committee meeting, councillors agreed to support plans for the erection of a memorial to the six local men who fought with the International Brigade between 1936 and 1939.

Proposed by Labour councillor Joe Leddin, the motion received cross party support.

Cllr Tom Shortt said he had “immense respect” for those who went out and fought fascism.

“It would be a focal point within Limerick , and show that we have strong links with Spain, and that are we proud of that chapter of Limerick history,” he told the meeting.

Kilmallock councillor Bill O’Donnell raised the issue of people who fought on the other side of the Spanish civil war, while city councillor Cormac Hurley quipped that his knowledge of the Spanish Civil War “leaves a lot to be desired”.

There was dispute on whether the motion should be passed and voted on by the single local authority following May’s local and European elections.

However, it will now be brought to a full meeting of Limerick City Council for approval on Monday.