Granny presented with giant bloomers from Oxfam in Limerick

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Freda Walsh, Sandra Gillen, Anne McGlynn and Anne Foley with Jean-Luc Courcoult, founder and artistic director of Royal de Luxe. Picture: Sean Curtin
FOUR Oxfam volunteers were delighted as they were able to present a pair of giant bloomers to granny.

FOUR Oxfam volunteers were delighted as they were able to present a pair of giant bloomers to granny.

The 24-foot model spotted the ladies holding up the massive pair of knickers on the first day of the festival.

And it appears she was so impressed by them, she stopped on her second journey through William Street to check them out.

Sadly she stopped short of trying them on for size, but the volunteers - Freda Walsh from Kileely, Sandra Gillen from Farranshone, and Corbally ladies Anne Foley and Anne McGlynn - did get to meet the performance director Jean-Luc Courcoult when they were let over the barrier and onto the street.

The ladies dressed up as grandmothers in her honour, holding the bloomers aloft.

“We held these bloomers all morning yesterday, and had a fabulous time. We said we would dress up for Oxfam,” Freda said.

She said: “It was fabulous. I am so delighted it came to Limerick. We never get anything here, it is always Dublin which gets everything, so it is fantastic. Everyone is so happy and delighted.”

Some members of the public gave the volunteers donations, which will go to help Oxfam’s crucial work in the developing world.

Meanwhile, Janet Bennis, Granville Park, who will shortly move to Australia to be with her children, said Limerick is “back on the map”.

“It is even better than the Pope’s visit back in 1979. We should be very proud of our city. It has been a fantastic year for Limerick, and I will miss it,” she said.

Excited children screamed “hello granny”, and “there she is she is huge!” upon sighting of the tall marionette.

Sophie Duggan, 8, from Corbally, said: “Daddy, look, it’s bigger than our house!”.

Photographer John Hickey of Ballynanty, who came with his three-year-old daughter Lilly, said: “It is fantastic for the city. There is a lovely element around town”.

Speaking as the giant travelled to Shelbourne Park on the final leg of her Saturday journey, he added: “You can see everyone is out with their kids, they have created a real family environment out of this”.