Limerick men have least success with ‘beautiful people’ website

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

Limerick native,  Kamal Ibrahim, is a former Mr World
LIMERICK women are well known for their beauty, but it seems that Limerick men are not so fair of face, according to an American dating site.

LIMERICK women are well known for their beauty, but it seems that Limerick men are not so fair of face, according to an American dating site.

The “exclusive” website,, has claimed that less than one in 10 Irish men who submitted their profiles to them in the past 12 months were accepted – and Limerick men rank at the very bottom, after Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast respectively.

Some seven Limerick men are currently listed with the site, with 10 pending applications from men in Limerick and Tipperary to be accepted to the site, which pitches itself as the “largest internet dating community exclusively for the beautiful”.

For those in charge of the site, beauty not only lies in the eye of the beholder - but also in the voter.

In order to be accepted, applicants must submit a photo and be voted in by existing members over a 48-hour period.

Applicants can see whether they have been deemed “beautiful”, “hmmm OK”, “no” or “absolutely not” on a toolbar.

At the time of writing, five Limerick women were listed with the site, though a number of applications were being processed.

While no figures have been released on the number of Limerick men – or women – actually applying to join the site in comparison to other Irish cities, local celebrities and even Fianna Fail deputy Willie O’Dea have been quick to come to the defence of Limerick.

Limerick has long moved on from the infamous ‘Stab City’ moniker, but in some sections of the national press the county has now been deemed to have the “ugliest” men in the country.

Deputy O’Dea described the statistics as “farcical”. “Limerick has always been noted for the beauty of its women,” he told the Sunday Independent.

“As for the other side of the equation, I wouldn’t hold up certain local politicians as a prototype or anything, but take for example a number of the rugby players like Conor Murray, David Wallace, Paul O’Connell – they’re all from Limerick and I don’t think the vast majority of women around the country would find them unattractive.”

Model agent Celia Holman Lee agreed, saying “they have got that all wrong.”

“I married a Limerick man and I think he is the best in the world.” she said. Actress and journalist Leanne Moore also rubbished the claims about local men.

Former Mr World and Limerickman Kamal Ibrahim echoed her views, saying “there are plenty of good looking people in Limerick. The nation-by-nation figures also revealed that men from the UK and Poland are apparently just as aesthetically unappealing as their Irish counterparts, with the three countries having a nine per cent success rate. Irish males slid down from a 12 per cent last year to the bottom of the table for the first time. Irish women, however, maintained their top 10 position in the rankings from last year, with the same 23 per cent success rate.

Scandinavian women dominated the top three places, with Norwegians the pick of the world’s beauties at 71 per cent, followed by Sweden at 62 per cent and Iceland at 61 per cent. And men from Sweden, at 60 per cent, were rated the top hunks by the LA-based sites, followed by Brazil at 41 per cent and Denmark at 40 per cent.

The elite dating club boasts five million members worldwide and claims to have matched hundreds of couples.