Limerick Choral Union sing Hallelujah Chorus

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

THE ever popular Limerick Choral Union return with their annual Christmas concert this December.

THE ever popular Limerick Choral Union return with their annual Christmas concert this December.

The 100-strong community choir, under the baton of musical director Malcolm Green, will perform a stirring programme of memorable pieces by Handel and Karl Jenkins in the University Concert Hall.

The choir, which has toured and performed in Paris, Poland, Slovenia, Italy and England over the years, was founded in 1964 and boasts professional and non-professional singers alike among its ranks, yet their concerts are always among the highlights of the year.

This year they perform Hallelujah! It’s Handel & Jenkins - consisting of Handel’s Zadok the Priest, Dettingen Te Deum and Hallelujah Chorus and Karl Jenkins’ Stella Natalis.

“We are busy as ever but it will all be organised for the night,” explained Lorraine MacMahon, LCU secretary this week.

“We have a pretty big orchestra, lot of trumpets and oboes so there will be a great sound, really Christmassy,” she explained.

Joining the choral union are singers from Seoda and local Chamber Choir, as well as soloists David Howes and Roisin Walsh.

“It will be nice - in Stella Natalis Karl Jenkins allows for two choirs, so it is great, it will be a fantastic coming together,” explained Ms MacMahon.

“We have put a lot of work into it, we are rehearsing since September. They are very tricky pieces, but the sound is just magnificent.

“Hopefully it will set the tone for people for Christmas and they will be high in spirit when they come out of the Concert Hall, so let Christmas begin,” she laughed.

The concert will be a special one for David Howes, whose father and grandfather will be singing with the choir - an example of the strong family links that run deep throughout the choral union.

“We have had brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, parents and children - the whole lot in the choir. It is a community choir and the members come from everywhere - Limerick, Ennis, Tipperary. We have a few students that come from abroad, which is a nice thing for us,” explained Ms MacMahon.

“The amount of talent in Limerick is unbelievable and it is great to put them up there.”

Limerick Choral Union perform in the UCH on December 9.