First-time author shows he has the X-Factor aged 75

Anne Sheridan


Anne Sheridan

AT THE age of 75, Kevin Egan still has plenty of zest for life.

AT THE age of 75, Kevin Egan still has plenty of zest for life.

He has just written his first memoir of life in Limerick in the 1940s and 50s, and is planning to write a second.

But it doesn’t end there. He’s hoping to audition for the next round of the X Factor, and sing one of his all time favourites.

Nella Fantasia, he says, by Sarah Brightman, an Italian song, and he bursts into a little rendition in the White House pub as he talks of his book.

“You can take 20 years off that,” he says, when I point out his age.

“I feel ambitious still and I guess that is what’s keeping me going.” This Monday night he launched his memoir I Remember Well, the product of three years work and one of his lifelong ambitions, in Leamy’s on Hartstonge Street.He always wanted to ensure that his memories - good and bad and sometimes exceptionally comical - were recorded for others to read.

The 246-page account takes readers through his varied career, including his time with the army in the Congo in the 1960s, which he said was “very dangerous”.

“But when you’re young you have no fear,” he says, casting this time aside in conversation while an avalanche of other memories spills out.

Times were tough then, he said, and he prefers the Limerick of today. “If you missed your tea you wouldn’t get anything else to eat,” he cautioned. And yet he went on to mingle with the stars, such as Elton John and Phil Lynott while working for a record company, and going on to sing in Las Vegas. It’s little wonder he feels the need to write a second account - he’s packed a lot in and like another famous crooner, feels ‘the best is yet to come and won’t that be fine’.