‘Made in Limerick’ project showcase in City Hall

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Limerick's own Barry Burke - Bazzy B - a dancer and teacher who is playing C�chulainn in the retelling of The Tain - a Made in Limerick project
A SHOWCASE of the Made in Limerick projects created for City of Culture will take place in City Hall this Friday.

A SHOWCASE of the Made in Limerick projects created for City of Culture will take place in City Hall this Friday.

The funding strand in the year of culture makes up some €2.3m of the overall €6m State contribution, with 109 projects in total, a vast majority of which are described as being “indigenous to or from Limerick city and county”.

The event will offer people a chance to find out more information about the Made in Limerick projects that have taken place or are yet to happen for City of Culture, the lion’s share of which are community-led, youth and civic projects, some 54 in total.

Venues and institutions make up the second largest group with 36 projects supported across a number of organisations, while 24 indigenous design, art and craft projects were also selected, along with local drama and performance.

Friday’s event - to take place from 5-7pm - will award groups a chance to showcase to the public their upcoming projects that are yet to take place.

“As we are in the final half of the year, this will be a fascinating occasion for the public to see our investment in indigenous projects from all over Limerick, so far,” explained Sheila Deegan, arts and culture manager of City of Culture.

“We have seen some amazing projects unfold over the past six months, and we have yet to see some more fascinating projects as City of Culture comes to a close in these final few months.

“We encourage all Made in Limerick projects to participate in this event and to present their hard work to the public. We also encourage those who have yet to undergo their project, as it will give people in attendance an insight of what is to come,” she added.

In all, City of Culture received a total of 328 applications with a request for over €8m in funding through the Made in Limerick strand.

109 projects were selected after a “competitive round”, 102 of which are locally based. In total some €2.3m was awarded, in addition to a further €1.1m which was ring fenced for ‘Legacy and Commissioning’ projects, also to be locally led, according to City of Culture.

This brings to €3.4m - or 57% - of the total Government contribution that is going to local groups.

A large number of spectacular events have taken place as a result, including the ICO’s Carmen, the Limerick Spring festival, the Culture Garden, the Particles or Waves project, the From Limerick with Love exhibition, and the upcoming production of The Táin in the Milk Market, among many others.