Hartnett headlines ‘Macronite’ birthday bash

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

TECHNO wizard Fran Hartnett will be the special guest at this weekend’s ‘Macronite’, the fourth birthday of its predecessor ‘Micronite’.

TECHNO wizard Fran Hartnett will be the special guest at this weekend’s ‘Macronite’, the fourth birthday of its predecessor ‘Micronite’.

Formed back in 2007 by DJ, promoter and lecturer Dan Sykes, Micronite was set-up to promote “quality techno” in Limerick, and has gone to present some of the genre’s finest shows in the city, while Dan has banded together with his fellow promoters in recent times to form Macronite - as well presenting two successful stagings of the Bump! Muzik Festival this year and last along with Eanna Byrt and Sarah Lynch.

Since March of this year, Macronite has drawn together the talents of some of the finest local producers and DJs under one roof as a kind of collective, incorporating Dan’s Viva Music - who previously ran Micronite - and the Fried, Dubblebass and Filthy Dubstep B*stards club promoters under one banner.

The idea was to form a collective or “co-op” between the various promoters in the city, to offer punters something different in these times, or, as Dan says, “a whole lot of music and fun across three rooms for a very reasonable price, once a month”.

“The idea is one of a co-op, a collective joining together, it is a better thing to combine rather than having competing nights,” Sykes told City Life earlier this year when launching Macronite.

“We would see it is one big night, people can only really afford to go out once a month now, I know I can, and once everything is under the one roof, it makes sense for the audience and the promoters.”

Since then London DJ/Producer Sigha, techno master Ali Wells, aka PERC, Barry Lynn, or Boxcutter as he is better known, have played at the Macronites, while luminaries such as Regis, Equinox, Throwing Snow, June Miller and more played at the recent Bump! festival.

Hartnett himself played at the inaugural Bump! festival, and returns this weekend to help celebrate the fourth anniversary of Micronite’s foundation.

“We’ve been at this for four years now, so we feel we really do deserve a good birthday bash and this is going to be immense,” explains Dan.

Hartnett, who is known for his rhythmic and darkly emotive techno, has become increasingly in demand as a live DJ, while his first vinyl release, ‘Alpha’, was played by Surgeon, Inigo Kennedy and more and was generously received. Dan explains that the bash will be an all day one across the three rooms of Dolan’s, “with many styles and sounds represented to reflect our new Macronite brotherhood”.

Also playing is Croatian DJ N!TRO, the original Micronite residents Cian Frawley and Sykes himself, plus newcomers Ruan Flood and Niki, plus many more including the Bump! competition runner-up DJs.

Featuring a BBQ, Funktion One soundsystems and ticket prices at only €6 until 8pm, Macronite is the place to be this weekend.