Further education joins forces with Absolute Hotel

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

A PERMANENT photographic installation has been unveiled at the Absolute Hotel.

A PERMANENT photographic installation has been unveiled at the Absolute Hotel.

The project, commissioned by hotel management, was undertaken by the photography department at the Limerick College of Further Education, following previous collaborations with the hotel.

Over the last two years, LCFE photography learners work has been showcased throughout the hotel’s public spaces over the last two years, providing a distinctive space within which to display their work.

Located in the hotel’s Riverbank Restaurant, the new work is based around images distinctively mounted from waist to floor level.

This presented a challenge to LCFE photographers to come up with a novel installation made up of a series of model photos shot from the waist to the feet and wearing a variety of clothing and footwear.

A chef’s uniform also needed to be a central element of the work, due to the location of the piece.

The final three images selected were installed recently and are on permanent display at the restaurant’s entrance.

Eoin McCarthy, head of LCFE’s Photography Department said: “It continues to be a great pleasure to collaborate with the management and staff of the Absolute Hotel. They are always courteous, polite and open to displaying artwork from all disciplines.

Both learners and staff from LCFE have previously exhibited their work in the spacious and modern interior of the hotel and we look forward to continuing this successful collaboration on many projects into the future.”

The Photography Department at Limerick College of Further Education currently offers two one-year full time courses in photography. Learners on this will successfully complete the courses receive FETAC and City & Guilds Certificates in Photography.