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SLIDESHOW: Mooreabbey Milers raise money for frontline workers while remembering 'Curley'

Mooreabbey Milers Remember Curley While Helping Our Frontline Workers

A Galbally community initiative was brought about last week to raise funds for our frontline workers and here is what was decided. "These are difficult unprecedented and worrying times in Ireland. We are complying with social distancing and supporting our frontline staff by keeping the numbers that are infected down. Our frontline staff are helping our country by treating people that have become infected and at the same time placing themselves at risk. We would like to help in any way we can rather than just staying at home even though we know it is the most important thing we can do. However we would like to do something more. An idea has been put forward to offer some financial assistance to the frontline staff at the University Hospital Limerick. The idea for the next two weeks is to show solidarity to our heroes but also be positive, motivational and keep healthy for ourselves.
The following is the plan and general guidelines:
~ all clubs, organisations and individuals are invited to become involved.
~ people can walk, run or cycle whilst observing social distancing rules each day for two weeks.
~ all activities to be carried out within the 5km of your home.
~ social distancing must be respected at all times.
~ our older people and people with physical limitations can carry out 15 minutes exercise daily.
~ we would hope that each person would deposit a contribution during our two weeks of activities."
Our club committee didn't want to stop there. The idea came about when the committee had to postpone our own Michael 'Curley' Cunningham memorial 4 mile. Here is what we decided. On Friday the 8th of May we should have been gathering in our quaint little village of Galbally to remember our dear running mate and friend Michael 'Curley' Cunningham while raising funds for a charity close to his heart. Regrettably due to our current climate conditions as previously announced we've had to postpone the Michael Curley Cunningham memorial 4 mile.
Instead we as a club asked runners near and far to go out and do your own 4 mile run (within the new 5k radius) and donate a few euro that might have been spent for a race to contribute to 'Operation Frontline' through the go fund me page or buckets that have been placed locally.
Amazingly in that 12 hours the Mooreabbey Milers and the wider athletic community donated over €1,200 to the go fund me page.
We would like to say a massive thank you to all, it was a fantastic response in an unconventional way to remember 'Curley'. It's still not too late you can still get out and do your 4 miles and the go fund me page is still active for another week just check out our social media for the link.

More Advice From The Tominator
Hi I hope the training is going well. I hope you have been following a training program if not it is not too late, if nothing else comes out of this strange time it is a great chance to improve your fitness eat healthy and improve your life and your mental health.
This week I am looking at how to make your exercise more intense. Intense is good and with improved intensity comes improved fitness. Some people will find tight muscles with even small changes, this can bring some pain but I am told that pain is just weakness leaving the body. This may sound like a smart comment, or B.S. but if you use this as your mantra and visualise the body getting stronger fitter and faster and the pain leaving to free you and let you move to a better place.
Intensity; I read a story on Irish runner a few years ago written by Brendan O'Shea who was a very well known marathon coach, who was very successful at coaching and had a certain amount of success as a runner himself. This is an observation he made as he was training one day. He was on the track doing a session, as there was a walker in lane one he moved out to lane two to give her some room. There was also a young well known distance runner doing his work out in lane four. As he ran around the track he noted that he passed the walker after a few laps and the young runner in lane four passed him out after a few laps also. So it dawned on him which one of them was doing the best work out. So he timed himself for a minute and discovered he was doing 180 steps per minute, as the runner passed him on the outside lane he quickly reset his watch and started counting his steps to discover he was going at the same pace of 180 steps per minute. Then as he came around the bend he saw the walker ahead so he quickly reset his watch again and started counting and after a minute discovered that she was also doing 180 steps per minute. He concluded from this that each one of them was doing the same intensity of a workout and would all benefit to the same degree. The fact that the younger man was covering more ground showed the depth of his talent. Also that he himself was faster than the walker only proved to him that the length of his stride was the only difference between them.

How to check your intensity.
As you run or walk when you have warmed up for five minutes or so. Set your stopwatch or just check the seconds on your watch then count each time your right foot hits the ground count to 90 then check or stop your watch you may be over 90 steps, but 90 is where you want to be if you are not under the 90 steps. Just shorten your stride and speed up your stepping and see how you get on. I am not sure how well this will work for walkers and would like some feedback as I am not sure if the walker on the track was a race walker!
Thanks and remember any questions email Tom on

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