Limerick's O'Callaghan survives fall to claim podium spot at Mountain Bike Downhill Race

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter


September may be a time for the start of the academic year in education, but for Limerick's Oisin O'Callaghan it means only one thing, the end of the Mountain Bike Downhill Race season which finished off in a high alpine village of Brandnertal in Austria.

Oisin went into the competition in a situation where,  having missed out on  races and vital points  at start of the season, he gave his  competitors a head start of 400 points before the first race .

O'Callaghan knew that if he ran the gauntlet and crashed on Sunday or picked up a mechanical it would mean being pushed down the IXS European Downhill Series, so he decided to just ride a solid race run and do enough to get on the podium and claim second place overall. 

Saturday's  qualifying race  was not short of drama as the track was getting cut up from the racers riding more aggressive which means the track can change dramatically over each hour. The treacherous conditions saw Oisin have a big crash and was he lucky to get away with any injury.

However, he regrouped and rode a good solid race run putting Oisin in 5th place  of Pro U-19 but at just gone 16 it would keep him in 2nd place in his category of Pro U-17 .

All in all it was a great season for Oisin and he has  learnt a lot over the Winter, which will make him stronger and faster for the next level.