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SLIDESHOW: Limerick Sports Partnership create 'Active Limerick Hub'

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter



Physical Activity has proven to have greater importance and impact during these unprecedented times. All communities have been experiencing new phrases and statements, In this together, Social Distancing, together better apart etc.

Families not seeing their loved ones for many weeks. Looking after our physical and mental health has been central during this period.

We as a Sports Partnership had to change how we reached our target groups and supported them. The Sports Development officer team created an Active Limerick Hub on our website www.limericksports.ie

The hub has a range of programmes, remote classes, exercise routines that will involve all abilities levels. It covers, your physical, mental and some educational needs with its variety of content.

The 2km limit was greeted with applause when extended to 5km and now in phase 1 we have Golf, Athletics, Tennis and Outdoor water based sports returning.

If we adhere to all the guidelines from hygiene to social distancing we will see all sports and physical activity returning through the phases. So visit our Hub and hopefully you will find something to keep you engaged.

For more information feel free to email pmacken@limericksports.ie          #ActiveLimerick                   #BeActive