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Limerick firm's technology can lead the way back to 'normality'

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter



In such challenging times as we are currently facing, technology can often lead the way back to normality in the home and workplace. Such is the case with Saphai-Medical, a Limerick-based supplier of advanced hygiene and sanitation systems. With the advent of COVID-19 the company has experienced soaring demand for its products. Founded in 2015 the operation is managed by two local businesswomen, Aine McGoey and Carmel Daly.

The first product, the SaphaiAir, a portable air extraction system, was designed by the company in 2016 and built in Portlaoise by AuBren Engineering. It was trialled by the Asthma Society of Ireland on 10 asthma patients with outstanding results. In 2019 the unit was redesigned with a new filter system incorporating an anti-viral chemical coating and the demand for this has rocketed. Customers range from Dental surgeries, doctor’s surgeries, nursing homes, schools, office spaces and hotel rooms as well as homes.

In 2016 Saphai-Medical became the European distributor for Puradigm™ technology, an advanced air and surface hygiene system developed in the USA. For the science nerds : This system floods a room with High Energy Clusters combined with hydrogen and oxygen ions. This combination kills >99.55% of pathogens both on surfaces and in the air and is safe to use where staff and the general public are located. Puradigm has been tested in medical facilities in Europe and the USA and recently proved itself in China against the H1N1 flu virus. A space age technology, perfect for the changing world of pandemics.

When schools, crèches, cinemas, pubs, restaurants, shops eventually reopen, the company has a solution for rapid daily disinfection of contact surfaces with Clinimist™ electrostatic misting technology. Another cool science thing – because the disinfectant is electrostatically charged, the micro-droplets  wrap around the entire surface This delivers a super-fine mist of sanitizing chemical to any surface. Clinimist disinfects a room up to 20 times faster than regular disinfection. The recommended chemical supplied with this is approved by the Department of Agriculture as a food-safe sanitiser and is manufactured in Ireland. 

With the Clinimist system the company also supplies KN95 respirator facemasks in bulk.

For more information on each technology visit www.saphai-medical.com