Gardening with Phyl Boyce

Gardening: ‘Add colour from the Mediterranean’
Phlomis fruticosa (Jerusalem sage) is an evergreen shrub in flower now. It is a shrub that grows to a maximum height and spread of about five feet. It has soft foliage that is grey in colour and densely hairy. In June and July it produces dark yellow flowers. A native of the Mediterranean it likes a sunny spot, with protection from cold winter winds. It is reliably hardy in all but the coldest gardens, although hard frost can cause damage to the shoot tips. It grows best in well drained soils, especially in limy soils. It can become leggy and bare at the base unless pruned annually after the flower is finished. It is a plant that flowers best when young so propagate a new plant every few years. To propagate take softwood cuttings in the summer.

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