‘Shameless’ teen shared video of brawl outside Limerick school

An image from the video of two women fighting outside Caherconlish NS

An image from the video of two women fighting outside Caherconlish NS


A VIDEO showing two teenage girls engaged in a vicious brawl outside the school in Caherconlish is “going viral” after being shared on social media.

Local election candidate Frank Mulqueen said “what is truly worrying is the fact one of those involved felt no shame in sharing this video publicly on Facebook without any fear of consequences or repercussions”.

This same teen brawler had actually gone online to “brag about the fight”, which took place in broad daylight and was uploaded in recent days, Mr Mulqueen said.

The video was “just the tip of the iceberg in a society where extreme violence unto one another is becoming more common place”, he added.

“In the video, the two young girls are encouraged to kick shins; knee ribs and even headbutt each other. At one stage, they are separated like boxers in order to continue in a more violent manner. Quite frankly it’s close to three minutes of two young girls attempting to seriously injure each other while the crowd makes it out to be normal behaviour.”

Mr Mulqueen, a candidate for Fine Gael in Limerick City West, said that at a time when Limerick was still recovering from the reputational damage caused by violence, it was disappointing to see such behaviour filter down to the younger generation.

“From going door to door, an issue that comes up on nearly every single doorstep is crime and personal safety and while more gardai walking the streets is always welcome, it is not the only answer to the violence that exists in parts of our community. 
“The government will have to answer to issues regarding senior management of An Garda Siochana in the next election undoubtedly but while my name is on any election ticket, it will always be my priority,” said Mr Mulqueen.

“People are sick and tired of youths hanging around the street corners treating it as a playground, especially when so much taxpayers’ money is being pumped in to secure youth spaces around the city. The work being carried out by Limerick Youth Service cannot be underestimated but parents must support these services and push their children to get involved. Otherwise, this is the result.”

Gardai at Roxboro Road, meanwhile, while familiar with the incident said they are “yet to receive a complaint from any alleged injured party in connection with an assault or an alleged assault”.




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