Hazel’s faint on Great Irish Bake Off a ‘minor issue’

Hazel Ryan Sheehan, Corbally

Hazel Ryan Sheehan, Corbally

  • by Alan Owens

LIMERICK’S Hazel Ryan Sheehan features prominently in the next episode of the Great Irish Bake Off after feeling faint during one of the challenges.

The Corbally mum of two, 31, is to the fore this Wednesday night on the TV3 show after taking ill during one of the technical challenges.

However, despite TV3’s promo suggesting she had to be “escorted off site by paramedics”, the UL graduate laughed off any suggestion that the incident was serious this week.

“That’s hilarious - talk about dramatic,” she laughed of the promo episode running ahead of Wednesday’s show. “I didn’t sleep properly the night before, I hadn’t eaten properly and I just felt faint. It wasn’t very dramatic and the only reason they called in the St John’s ambulance was to cover their own insurance.

“They went through the run of the mill protocol, but I suppose I feature because I was escorted out by the ambulance crew.

“People will have to tune in to see what happens next,” she added with a grin.

Hazel, who has been “baking all my life” and grew up learning to bake with her own mother, said the show has been “a fabulous experience” so far.

“Watching yourself on the telly is very strange,” she admitted. “You wonder - ‘do I really say those things? Why don’t people tell me I sound like that! But it is good fun and the feedback that I have gotten has been that I am natural.

“I have had friends reconnect from secondary school who have said I am the very same as I was then, which is nice.”

The pre-school teacher for children with autism who graduated from Trinity after studying applied behavioural analysis, said she had made “12 new friends instantly” through the rest of the bakers on the show.

She has also learned to “try new things and use new tips and techniques that I picked up on the way”.

“I definitely didn’t challenge myself in my own baking,” she said.

“I am capable of more and I need to further my repertoire and increase the things that I do and this brought it home to me.

The Corbally lass runs her own blog - www.cupcakerys.com - and has seen an increase in traffic to the site since starring on the show.

“No one is stopping me on the street,” she laughed. “But I have been getting loads of support from Limerick and the traffic to the blog has increased which is really cool.”




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