President Higgins to open Limerick Art Society exhibition

President Higgins: to open Limerick Art Society's members' exhibition today in the Hunt Museum

President Higgins: to open Limerick Art Society's members' exhibition today in the Hunt Museum

  • by Alan Owens

LEADING artists John Shinnors and Henry Morgan are among a nine-person panel charged with selecting works for Limerick Art Society’s members’ exhibition, to be opened by President Michael D Higgins today.

The exhibition is to mark Limerick Art Society’s 70th anniversary this year - a milestone that makes them the oldest art society in Ireland.

After an extensive year of events to mark their anniversary year, members have been encouraged to submit art for selection for the exhibition, Limerick Visions, which President Higgins will open in the Hunt Museum this Friday evening at 6.30pm.

“It is very significant, we are delighted,” said society PRO Patrick O’Neill of the president’s visit. “Our membership has grown this year, we are at well over 100 members, which is a big network of artists.

“We approached the president during the year to see if he would be willing to come and he was.

“The Hunt Museum is a prestigious place for us to host the exhibition also, so we are delighted about that. We have worked closely with the Hunt and they have been good friends to the society over the years.”

Members were invited to submit three pieces - one of which had to have a Limerick theme - for selection by a panel of selectors, including Shinnors and Morgan.

“What is going to make it nice for the president is, when he walks into the gallery, he will see 30 maybe or more images of Limerick, all hung together,” explained Mr O’Neill.

“So it will have a Limerick impact when he walks in and we deliberately did that knowing he was coming. That is to promote Limerick as much as we can.”

Six of the nine selectors had to approve each individual works, and between 80-100 are to be included in the exhibition.

“We have more pieces than we have wall space, so some people are going to be disappointed, but that is they way it is,” explained Patrick.

“There will be a wide variety of styles. We are hoping our selectors keep as broad a mind as possible in selecting nontraditional landscape work and still life, and look at including the contemporary and the abstract,” he added.




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