‘Roasting’ has Limerick’s Kellie all fired up for ‘Voice’ semi-final

Kellie Lewis from Kilbehenny performing on The Voice of Ireland

Kellie Lewis from Kilbehenny performing on The Voice of Ireland


SHE admits she received “a roasting” from the judges following her performance on Sunday night’s The Voice of Ireland but Kilbehenny girl Kellie Lewis has dusted herself off and is in fighting form ahead of the semi-final this weekend.

The 21-year-old is one of six contestants who will battle it out this weekend for a place in the final of the popular talent competition.

“I got an awful roasting from the coaches, I got burned pretty bad,” said Kellie, who received an overall score of 17 out of 30 from the judging panel for her performance of Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys.

“To be honest, I looked back over it and I’m my own worst critic - a lot of musicians will tell you that about themselves. It wasn’t my best performance - I know that, there is a lot more in me,” she added.

When she came off the stage, Kellie was, she says, “very upset” with the coaches’ scores.

However, after her mentor Dolores O’Riordan brought her into her dressing room afterwards “to chill” she regained her composure and her fighting spirit.

“We were there for about half an hour. She got me back on my horse again, Dolores is great for that. I picked it up again. As my mother always tells me, ‘put on a smile, that’s showbiz’.”

When her name was called out later in the results show as having made it through to the semi-final, Kellie was beyond relieved. “My confidence would have been shattered otherwise but thanks to the public, they picked me up and they have my back. I signed up to this day one and it is going to give me skin so thick.”

While Kellie can’t divulge what song she will be performing on Sunday night, she can reveal that it is a song she regularly sings while gigging and it’s by an international band.

“After Dolores, this artist would be my biggest icon. It is a powerful song,” she commented.

Kellie, who was reared on a dairy farm in Knocknascrow, high up on Galtymore, is one of nine girls in her family.

She is especially proud to be representing her native Limerick on the popular talent show and is hoping she has what it takes to make the final four who will compete in the final in Dublin’s The Helix theatre on April 27.

“It’s all go here, we mean business up here in Dublin,” said Kellie this Monday. “We will sing one song ourselves and then there is a group performance with the whole six of us together.”

A total of 35 people, including Kellie’s family and friends travelled from County Limerick to Dublin for Sunday night’s show while 50 family and friends are set to make the return journey next week.

“They all come up in their own cars, fair play to them, they are brilliant. It’s lovely to have them in the audience,” said the music student who has been living in Cork city for the last four years.

She is in her second year in UCC and also works in The Bodega nightclub and restaurant in Cork. The County Limerick songstress also has her own band, Kellie Lewis & The Timekeepers.




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