Fox Jaw hunt bounty for second album costs

Morgan Nolan of Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters

Morgan Nolan of Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters

  • by Alan Owens

LIMERICK rockers Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters have put out a call for support from fans to cover the cost of mixing and mastering their new album.

Using popular service, the local trio of Ronan Mitchell, Morgan Nolan and Shane Serrano need help to release the follow-up to their excellent debut The Devil in Music.

While they have covered the costs of recording the album, the band now need help to cover the final process of mixing and mastering.

“Our long & arduous task of recording our second album is over and we have covered the cost of getting to this stage ourselves,” say the band.

“But we now need your support to fund the mixing & mastering of the new album so that we can get it out into the world. The money raised on Fund it will go directly towards mixing the album with our producer Dave ‘Skippy’ Christophers, chief engineer of this project, Owen Lewis and mastered by WAV Mastering’s Richard Dowling.

“Everything & anything that you can help with the funding of the project would be very much appreciated, and will go a long way,” add the rockers.

Check out FJBH’s page here for more details. The group have also released a video which can be viewed here.




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