Woman blocked from Limerick group’s pro-life debate

Candidate pledge: the Facebook page for the Pro-Life Action Group for Limerick and Clare

Candidate pledge: the Facebook page for the Pro-Life Action Group for Limerick and Clare

  • by Nick Rabbitts

A MEELICK woman who challenged a pro-life movement to a debate around abortion was stunned when she was blocked and banned from posting on a forum.

Vivienne Cunningham was browsing on Facebook when she discovered a friend of hers was a fan of the Pro-Life Action Group for Limerick and Clare.

This group is sending out pledges to local and European election candidates, calling on them to vote against any support for abortion, and the recent government legislation on same.

Vivienne was infuriated by this, and shared her experience with people on the board.

In a case which has similarities to the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, 20 years ago, when Vivienne’s pregnancy went “very wrong” in Brussels, she needed emergency treatment and ultimately an abortion.

She wrote on the board: “From reading your information and with your stance on the abortion issue, it would logically suggest to me that you are okay with the fact I would probably be dead now but for the fact I was in Brussels.”

“It was initially discovered there was a problem here, a condition they were not very familiar with, but the advice here [in Ireland] was ‘we will just have to wait and see due to the legal situation we have here, which you stand by. Would this be correct,” she asked.

However, within ten minutes, Vivienne was surprised to discover her comment had been deleted, and she had been blocked from posting on the board.

Without making any reference to this previous comment, she posted in the Pro-Life group’s Cork forum.

Again, her comment was deleted, and she was blocked from posting.

“I am not politically active, or willing to get on a bandwagon. But this lit a fire under me. I did not expect them to agree with me, and to get a bit of abuse. But I got nothing,” she said.

When contacted, a spokesman for the Pro-Life Action Group said: “No comment, end of story: we are not a discussion group” before hanging up.

In Limerick, Independent candidates Christy Kelly and Cathal McCarthy have signed the pro-life pledge.




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