Teen girl gets calls for sex after ‘horrible’ phone prank

Cllr David Moloney: family were 'terrified'

Cllr David Moloney: family were 'terrified'

  • by Aine Fitzgerald

GARDAI are investigating an incident which resulted in a 16-year-old County Limerick girl receiving phone calls from various men requesting sex or sexual favours.

It is understood that the teenager’s phone number was uploaded as a prank onto a website featuring numbers for escort agencies which led to her receiving phonecalls from up to nine men.

Cllr David Moloney made the revelation this week during a debate on Doras Luimni’s campaign to Turn Off the Red Light, which is calling on the government to introduce legislation to criminalise the purchase of sex in Ireland.

The family, he said, were “terrified” as a result of the phone incident.

“They were very upset. It was a situation whereby she was receiving calls from men looking for sexual services. At 16-years of age, it is an unacceptable scenario really and truly - the ease at which her number was put up onto this website,” he said.

According to Cllr Moloney, one of the teenager’s parents spoke to one of the men on the phone.

“The girl spoke to the men and one of her parents confronted one of the men on the phone and asked him did he know what they were doing ringing a 16-year-old child,” he said.

“As far as I know, the calls were received over the course of a few days, less that a week – maybe two or three days. The number was removed after that. It is a horrible situation and fear is the main emotion that was experienced,” he added.

The gardai have confirmed that they are aware of the incident and investigations are ongoing.


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