Teddies stolen from dead baby’s grave in Limerick

Locals in Kilteely have appealed for the teddies to be returned

Locals in Kilteely have appealed for the teddies to be returned

  • by Donal O’Regan

THE GRIEVING mother of a little girl who lived for one day, say her family are heartbroken after teddies were stolen from her grave.

Mary McCarthy’s first child, Skylar, died just over 10 weeks ago from Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

The Hospital woman and her partner, Anthony, visit Skylar’s grave every Saturday in Kilteely cemetery.

“Last Saturday we went down at 1pm to discover that all her teddies were stolen off the grave,” Ms McCarthy told Joe Nash on Live 95FM’s Limerick Today programme this morning.

“We had taken another teddy down with ‘I love you’ written on it,” she added.

They placed that teddy in the graveyard but when they returned at 6pm that teddy was gone as well.

“I was heartbroken. It is just cruel to do something like that. We are very upset over the whole thing,” said Ms McCarthy.

The pain of losing their daughter has been compounded by these thefts, she said

“She was only a day-old. It was very traumatic. We are only coming to the state now that we realise that we don’t have her.

“I was told I was having a healthy little baby. I didn’t know anything until after I was sectioned and I was told the baby was critical.

“It has been awful, we have been through enough,” said Ms McCarthy.

There were numerous teddies placed at the grave by the two families, Skylar’s godmother and little cousins.

“Words cannot describe what we are going through and still going through, and will be for the rest of our lives.

“It was helping us every Saturday when we used to go down there, and then to realise that all her little teddies were gone... There wasn’t anything touched bar the teddies,” said Ms McCarthy, who thinks it was teenagers that stole them.

As news broke of the shocking theft one Kilteely woman appealed for the teddies return.

“It is probably children who did this. My heart goes out to her. I would appeal to mothers in the Kilteely area who have young children that may have brought home extra teddies and said they got them off a friend. I would like to appeal to them to return the teddies to the grave. It is heartbreaking,” said the local resident.




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