Roy Collins verdicts a watershed for Limerick

Bishop Brendan Leahy

Bishop Brendan Leahy


THE Bishop of Limerick says he hopes the conviction of Wayne Dundon and Nathan Killeen for the murder of Roy Collins will be a watershed moment for the city.

Brendan Leahy was reacting to the verdict handed down at the Special Criminal Court yesterday following a 29-day-trial, which ended last month.

“Justice has in some small way been done with the decision of the Special Criminal Court to the memory of Roy Collins, whose life was mercilessly ended in cold blood in our city on April 9, 2009. My predecessor Bishop Donal Murray rightly named this act at the time as ‘vile and futile’ and today hopefully brings some sense of closure for the Collins family,” he said.

Bishop Leahy said the reaction of Limerick people at the time was one of revulsion and defiance, which manifested itself in thousands of people marching through the city centre in support of the Collins family.

“Limerick simply and collectively said it had enough and while it is little, if any, consolation to the family of Roy Collins, the stand taken by them along with, the wonderful work of An Garda Síochána and the people of the city has made Limerick a safer place today, a place where those who rightly treasure life, peace and respect for others are winning out over the small minority who choose otherwise,” he said.

The Mayor of Limerick, Cllr Michael Sheahan, has also welcomed the guilty verdicts saying he hopes the judgement will give the Collins family some closure.

Mayor Sheahan also praised the gardai for their efforts investigating the murder and for the role in securing the conviction of three men. “It’s due to the single-mindedness and dedication of the gardai in the Limerick region that it has paid off in securing these major convictions and putting these people behind bars,” he said.

While gardai have not commented officially, sources say the guilty verdicts handed down yesterday are hugely significant.




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