Residents furious as access to River Shannon is blocked

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RESIDENTS and walkers in Shannon Banks are furious at the erection of a railing which denies access to the river, it has been claimed.

Labour’s election candidate for South East Clare Pascal Fitzgerald has received complaints from a number of residents at the removal of access from a walkway which connects the centre of the estate to Kilquane cemetery and Parteen Village. Cllr Fitzgerald has raised his concerns with Clare County Council, and will also lobby the Office of Public Works for the removal of the railing, which has been erected by a private landlord.

“This new railing is some seven feet high, and several hundred yards long. It is a definite eyesore, and is spoiling an amenity for people,” says Cllr Fitzgerald.

“I have contacted Clare County Council on the matter in relation to planning and safety issues and the Council said they would look into the situation,” he confirmed, “I will also be requesting the Office of Public Works and Waterways Ireland to clarify how far back does a fence need to be from the river when the tide is in” he added.

Cllr Fitzgerald said a railing has also been erected on an embankment behind the houses at Hamstead Park in Shannon Banks, which removes the view of the river from local residents.

“As far back as 2004/2005 I met with Clare County Council Engineering Department to discuss ways of upgrading this area as a recreational walkway. Its sad to think that a walk that the people have enjoyed for so many years has now been taken away from them” he concluded.

Clare County Council has already written to the landowner to inform him that it considers the development to be unauthorised. They have threatened to issue a planning enforcement notice.




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