Relocation of families from Limerick to Mayo denied

REPORTS that up to 300 people are to be relocated from troubled housing estates in Limerick to Mayo have been dismissed as "off the wall" by the head of the Limerick Regeneration Agencies.

Brendan Kenny was responding to reports in the Mayo Echo newspaper, which suggested dozens of families will be offered "emergency accommodation" in Counties such as Mayo, when the demolition programme begins next January.

The weekly freesheet claims to have seen documentation which outlines the numbers of people who are to be rehoused and the proposed timescale.

Reacting to the story Brendan Kenny said: "We are not really involved in the relocation of people even in Limerick we have always said they will be rehoused in their own localities, which is what they have asked for, it is so off the wall it is not worth considering."

However, Editor of the Mayo Echo, Tony Geraghty, is standing over the story. "Everything I put in the story I am satisfied with and as far as I am concerned everything stands up to scrutiny," he insisted.

For the full story see Wednesday's Limerick Leader, tabloid edition


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