Relief fund set up for flood victims in Limerick

The clean up in operation in St Mary's Park this week after the floods. Picture: Brian Arthur

The clean up in operation in St Mary's Park this week after the floods. Picture: Brian Arthur

  • by Anne Sheridan

A SPECIAL relief fund to help the victims of the Limerick city flooding - estimated to have affected some 2,000 residents across 300 homes – has now been set up.

Hundreds of people across the city and county have come forward to help the victims of the worst flooding on record, with donations of money, clothing, food, fuel and other household supplies.

More than five days after the worst floods in Limerick’s history, volunteer Susan Duhig of Star Rovers AFC in Lee Estate said they are still delivering a hot breakfast and dinner to at least 103 houses in St Mary’s Park.

Bags containing some essentials such as teabags, sugar and bread are being distributed to households, along with bags of household supplies, particularly cleaning products.

Council workers moved in this week to sanitise council houses, after they were destroyed by flood and sewerage water, and have asked residents to leave their homes for several hours during this work.

However, nearly all the residents in the northside have decided to remain in their homes – sleeping upstairs, while the ground floors have been gutted of all their belongings.

“We have a list of the affected houses, and a ticket system so that only those affected by the floods can get free meals, and we also have tickets for people to go to a dry-cleaners and wash their clothes,” she explained to the Limerick Leader.

Fitzgerald’s Electrical has also given out the 12 dehumidifiers they have in stock directly to the victims of the floods to help them dry out their homes. They are on loan for four days and there is already a lengthy waiting list for new homes on their return.

To donate: St. Mary’s Flood Relief A/C, Bank of Ireland, 125 O’Connell St. Limerick, Sort Code: 904309, AC No: 83382269, IBAN: IE86 BOFI 9043 0983 3822 69, BIC: BOFIIE2D.




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