Mum fears daughter will be ‘scarred for life’ after dog attack

Gardai are appealing for information after a youth was robbed at knifepoint

Gardai are appealing for information after a youth was robbed at knifepoint

  • by Anne Sheridan

A LIMERICK mother fears her six year-old daughter she will be scarred for life after being mauled by a neighbour’s dog in the city during the week.

Abbey Cuddihy is now recovering at her home in Lynwood Park after receiving 17 stitches to her face.

She also received other injuries when she was attacked on Wednesday evening after going to pet the dog - which gardaí now say was an American Akita, and not a husky, as earlier reported.

Gardaí from Henry Street, assisted by the Limerick Dog Warden rounded up the dog, and the animal has been destroyed.

The girl was playing on a green area in Lynwood Park around 6.30pm on Wednesday evening when she was attacked by the animal.

The dog, who was 12-years-old, was owned by a family on nearby St Patrick’s Road.

Abbey’s mother Donna said she is thankful the injuries weren’t more severe.

“We’re very lucky. I was holding her in my arms the other night and I was saying we’re so lucky. She could have been killed stone dead, but it shouldn’t have happened. I am going mad over it. She’s scarred for life. Look how close the stitches are to her eye - she could have lost an eye if the dog didn’t walk away,” she said.

Abbey also suffered bite marks to her arm and a wound to her shoulder.

Speaking from her home in Lynwood Park, Abbey said: “Every time I close my eyes I keep seeing it happening again and again.”

“I’m feeling a bit sore on my head and my arm.

“I went over to rub the dog and then he growled at me, and then I rubbed him again and he attacked me.

“It was just really really fast and I felt really scared.”

The terrified girl was saved by a nurse who brought her home.

Investigations are continuing and a file in being prepared for the DPP.

Two years ago, a Limerick mum called for husky dogs to be banned and listed as dangerous dogs, following two attacks on children in the mid-west around that time.

Mags O’Leary, from Carew Park in Southill, had to wrestle her little boy Reece, then aged two, from their family pet after the child was attacked by the husky in their back garden.

While the young boy did not sustain life-threatening injuries, he had to spend a number of days in Cork University Hospital being treated for his wounds, and the family pet was also put down.




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