Marta Salacka is laid to rest at home in Poland

Rest in peace: Marta Salacka died surrounded by her family

Rest in peace: Marta Salacka died surrounded by her family

  • by Anne Sheridan

THE FUNERAL of Polish woman Marta Salacka, who died following a battle with leukemia, took place in her native town on Saturday.

Many of Marta’s friends in Limerick, where she lived for the past nine years, travelled to Gorzow Wielkopolski, near the German border, to pay tribute to their friend in the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The 27 year-old mother of son Nikodem, 4, captured the public’s heart last year, when she revealed her battle to beat cancer through her blog, Biala Krew.

After receiving the diagnosis that she had only months to live, her friends’ campaign to fly her home on a special air ambulance raised exceeded some €42,000. She passed away last Monday morning in a German hospital where she received ongoing treatment since she left Ireland last November. Fr. Andrzej Sroka, who attended her funeral in Poland, will celebrate another mass for Marta on Thursday, January 31, in St. Michael’s Church on Denmark Street at 7pm. The mass will be in Polish and English.

For Marta’s last post on her blog, on January 5, she asked her father to type her words for her, as the right side of her body became paralysed in her final week. She wrote: “Hello my sweethearts. The doctors said the chemotherapy, which I received before Christmas, did not work and there was nothing else they can do. This news was devastating. They said that the cancer cells have attacked my whole body. The treatment I got before Christmas was weaker because doctors feared that I might not survive it.

“We don’t know what to expect, so I ask you for your prayers and also thank those who have placed prayers in my intentions. Now I have to say goodbye to you as saying so many words makes me very tired. I greet you warmly.”




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