Low turnout at protest over household and water taxes

Mary and Ray O'Doherty, Ballysimon Road at Saturday's protest    Picture: Adrian Butler

Mary and Ray O'Doherty, Ballysimon Road at Saturday's protest Picture: Adrian Butler

  • by David Hurley

The head of the Campaign against Household and Water Taxes in Limerick has defended the decision to stage a protest in the city during the Bank Holiday weekend - in the middle of the Riverfest activities.

Less than 70 people attended Saturday’s protest which took place on the steps of city hall during the Great Limerick Barbecue at George’s Quay.

The organisers of the protest were criticised in advance of the weekend for scheduling the event during Riverfest.

However, Cian Prendiville, spokesperson for the campaign in Limerick, says he stands by the decision.

And he says he wasn’t too disappointed with the turnout on the day.

“I think a lot of people feel that at this stage they have made their protest; they have not registered and they have not paid the household charge. I think this (protest) was a gathering of activists and we are now energised and ready to go to prepare for round two,” he said.

Former Mayor of Limerick, Cllr John Gilligan, was one of those who attended Saturday’s protest.

He insists he will not be paying the new charges.

“My attitude is enough is enough. We know what we are paying for, we are paying to bail out the French and German bankers. We are paying to bail out people who used banks like they were going out of style - people who squandered billions and now expect me to pay for it. My answer is no I’m not going to do it no matter what you do,” he said.

Cllr Maurice Quinlivan, who also attended Saturday’s protest is adamant that the household and water charges are unjust.

“I think the people have rejected the household tax because it is unfair. People are opposed to it and they are not going to pay it and the amount of people who have paid it in the city is virtually nil anyway,” he said.




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