Limerick woman tight-lipped about theft of neighbour’s safe

Judge Mary Larkin bound Eilish O'Shea to the peace

Judge Mary Larkin bound Eilish O'Shea to the peace

A COUNTY Limerick woman has been bound to the peace for 12 months after she was convicted of stealing a safe during a burglary at a neighbour’s house.

At a previous court hearing, detective garda Michael Reidy told Kilmallock Court that Eilish O’Shea, 57, of Bank Place, Hospital had nothing to say when she was charged in connection with the incident.

Ms O’Shea was accused of stealing the safe and its contents from a house at Bank Place, Hospital on November 10 last.

Ms O’Shea was also charged with causing criminal damage to the safe at the same location on the same date.

A previous court hearing heard that when her house was searched under warrant, a wallet containing €1,400 was retrieved.

The court heard that the safe was recovered following searches at a location nearby, without any contents and no explanation was forthcoming as to where the contents including an undisclosed amount of cash were.

At this Tuesday’s court sitting, “a comprehensive report” was before Judge Mary Larkin in relation to the matter.

Judge Mary Larkin asked solicitor for Ms O’Shea, Brendan Gill, if his client had any recollection of what happened to the alleged documents that were in the safe. Mr Gill said “unfortunately not” adding that his client was “blank”.

Judge Mary Larkin said she was going to convict and fine.

Mr Gill pointed out that there were unusual circumstances.

Judge Larkin said that the report pointed out that whatever psychiatric or other mental health difficulties Ms O’Shea has, it wasn’t of a severity to prevent her from knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Judge Larkin said she understood that Ms O’Shea had suffered because she had destroyed her good name “and her neighbours will never look at her in the same light again” but added that “I don’t think you can just evaporate the difference between right and wrong”.

“She is a mature woman, she knows the difference between right and wrong,” she added.

The court heard that there was “little chance” of Ms O’Shea reoffending.

Mr Gill said his client accepted that what she did was wrong.

Judge Larkin said Ms O’Shea had lived a good life to date and hoped she continues to do so.

Eilish O’Shea was bound to the peace for a period of 12 months.


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