Limerick toddler found after leaving home at 2am

Chief Superintendent David Sheahan

Chief Superintendent David Sheahan

  • by Anne Sheridan

A MOTHER was dramatically reunited with her two and a half year old son this Wednesday, after he opened the door of their Garryowen home and walked nearly a mile out the Dublin Road at 2.20am.

Gardai at Henry Street station were called after a 21 year-old male found the young boy on the Dublin Road and alerted the gardai, who brought the boy to the station.

Chief Superintendent Dave Sheahan said a number of inquiries were made to ascertain the boy’s identity and where he had come from, but a door left open in Garryowen in the dead of night led investigating officers to the parents.

Gardai woke the occupants, who were completely unaware that the boy had climbed out of his cot and let himself out the front door.

The boy, who will turn three this summer, was reunited with his parents, who are in their mid-20s, around 4am.

He was unharmed.

“He was absolutely fine thankfully, nothing untoward happened, and his mother was delighted and relieved to be reunited with him,” said Chief Supt Sheahan.

He praised the actions of the passer-by who alerted the gardai, who went on to search a number of estates nearby.




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