Limerick drivers caught using mobile phones during crackdown

It is now illegal to text or send emails while driving

It is now illegal to text or send emails while driving


THE head of the divisional traffic corps says he’s concerned about the number of drivers who are using mobile phones.

Inspector Paul Reidy was speaking after more than 120 drivers were detected holding a mobile phone during a major clampdown last week.

As part of a two day nationwide campaign, members of the traffic corps as well uniformed gardai conducted checkpoints across Limerick focusing on the use of mobile phones.

According to Insp Reidy, 129 detections were made locally during the course of the operation.

Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued to the drivers who were caught holding a mobile phone and those who do not pay the fine will be summonsed to appear in court in the coming months.

Insp Reidy says the figures are a major concern. “The use of mobile phones by drivers is high and they (phones) are a distraction,” he said adding that the use of mobile phones is a factor in a significant number or road accidents.

From this Thursday, drivers caught texting or “accessing information” on their phones will face a mandatory court appearance and a fine of up to €1,000 for a first offence.




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