Limerick Civic Trust to tackle a ‘street a week’

James Ring, director of Limerick Civic Trust

James Ring, director of Limerick Civic Trust


Limerick Civic Trust has announced a new programme of work for the city centre, which it is hoped will improve Limerick city and its efforts in the national Tidy Towns competition.

As part of the “Street a Week” initiative, members of the Civic Trust will focus on a single street every week - carrying out works to improve the general appearance of the street.

“We tried to get this programme moving a year ago, but due to budgetary constraints we were limited in what we could do. However in partnership with the Limerick Local Authorities and the Limerick Tidy Towns team, we have a budget in place and are looking forward to having our city looking good,” said Dr James Ring, director of Limerick Civic Trust.

Items such as the removal of chewing gum, weeding, power washing and the tackling of minor graffiti will be targeted as part of the “Street a Week” programme.

The Civic Trust says it will work hand in hand with Limerick City Council to ensure the best possible results are achieved for each of the streets which are selected.

Before each street is targeted, all of the businesses in the area will be contacted and asked for their opinions regarding the work plan.

During February four streets will be targeted, namely Wickham Street Baker Place, Quinlan Street and Rutland Street.

“It is hoped that this effort will really make a meaningful long term difference to the streetscape of Limerick. There is only so much that the Council can be expected to do, the Civic Trust will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure we leave behind a street in pristine condition,” said Dr Ring, who says he has been impressed with the positive strides made by Limerick city in the Tidy Towns in recent years.




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