Limerick city set to get new boundary extension

**EXCLUSIVE** LIMERICK could have its long-awaited boundary extension by Christmas.

This follows confirmation that Environment Minister John Gormley is set to make a decision on the matter following new approaches from Mayor Kevin Kiely and Defence Minister Willie O'Dea.

If Minister Gormley sets the wheels in motion by appointing an independent committee to adjudicate on the controversial proposals, the boundary could be changed by the end of the year, according to Minister O'Dea.

The Defence Minister confirmed to the Limerick Chronicle that he had spoken to his Cabinet colleague on the matter on "a number of occasions of late" and was hopeful that the matter of a boundary committee would be resolved "relatively shortly".

If a committee was set up, it would take no more than "a couple of months" to make a decision. Minister Gormley grew up in Limerick, went to school here, and is very aware of all the issues involved.


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