Limerick City Council to meet for the last time

The last ever meeting of Limerick City Council will take place this evening

The last ever meeting of Limerick City Council will take place this evening


MORE than 800 years of history are to come to an end tonight, as Limerick City Council meets for the final time.

City and County Council are to merge into one single entity after the next local election on May 23.

And it is bound to be an emotional occasion, as the 17 city councillors sit down as a group for the final time.

Mayor Kathleen Leddin said while a number of important issues will remain to be tackled at the meeting - set to last for two hours - there will also be recognition for everyone who has played their part at City Hall.

“The modern, thriving city we know today is testament to the vision and work of so many councillors, mayors and staff members that have gone before us. They should not and must not be forgotten,” she insisted.

City Council was established in 1197 as Limerick Corporation. The period between 1651 and 1656 represents the only break in the existence of Limerick Corporation when the Old English settlers surrendered to Cromwellian forces in 1651. Limerick Corporation was renamed Limerick City Council in 2002.

City manager Conn Murray - who served as town clerk at City Hall around the time of the millennium - preferred to look forward, saying: “As one of the largest local authorities in the State, I believe Limerick City and County Council will play a leading role in the economic development of Limerick for many years to come.”

The last meeting of Limerick County Council in its 115-year history took place on Tuesday last.




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