Limerick bikers ride to the rescue of newborn babies

Some of the 30 local volunteers with Blood Bikes MidWest

Some of the 30 local volunteers with Blood Bikes MidWest

  • by Mike Dwane

MOTORCYCLE enthusiasts in Limerick are riding to the rescue of newborn babies with 400km round trips for breast milk.

Blood Bikes MidWest was set up in the region last year to help reduce transport bills in the health service by carrying blood samples, medical records and more besides between hospitals.

It already has 30 volunteers signed up and fundraising events like a raffle at Na Piarsiagh GAA club this Friday will help the charity acquire a second motorbike.

To date, volunteer riders in Limerick have been busiest transporting breast milk from Cavan to the Maternity Hospital.

“Frank Keane and his team at the Maternity have been very supportive of us, even giving us a space we can use at the hospital,” said Hilary Parkinson, Blood Bikes MidWest.

“The main breast milk bank in Ireland is in Belfast so these are brought as far as Cavan where our lads will go and collect them and bring them back to Limerick,” said Ms Parkinson.

Breast milk samples may be required in cases where babies are born premature and mum may be unable to produce milk or may be too unwell to feed them, she explained.

All are welcome to attend the fundraising raffle at Na Piarsiagh this Friday, February 28, at 9pm.




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