‘Law of the jungle?’ asks judge during assault court case

'It is extremely disturbing,' said Judge Mary Larkin

'It is extremely disturbing,' said Judge Mary Larkin

  • by Donal O’Regan

TWO BROTHERS who were involved in attacking a married couple on a street received prison sentences at Newcastle West Court with the judge asking is it “the law of the jungle”.

Denis Mulcahy, aged 23, of Riverview, Ballyhahill was given six months imprisonment each for assault and production of an article in the course of a fight.

Joe Mulcahy, aged 21, of Riverview, Ballyhahill received a six month sentence for assault.

The sentences have been backdated to August 21 in both cases as they have been in custody since they were charged.

Superintendent Helen Deely said a couple were attacked by a group including Denis and Joe Mulcahy. It happened on Main Street, Ballyhahill on August 17 between 3.30pm and 4pm.

The court heard that the man and wife received injuries to the face and body.

“Denis attempted to strike the injured party with a knife,” said Supt Deely.

The Mulcahys’ solicitor, Pat Enright, said there were no serious injuries.

“There has been a history between the parties,” said Mr Enright, who conveyed his clients’ apologies to the court.

Mr Enright said while it was not started by the Mulcahys they accepted they acted excessively.

The solicitor said the two brothers had had a difficult background.

“Their house was burnt out, they moved and they became unsettled at a critical stage. They’ve had a lot of scrapes. They are two young men with a lot of maturing to do,” said Mr Enright

Judge Larkin said: “I find head butting and kicking someone on the ground particularly offensive. It could have led to head injuries. I don’t like saying this but he was very lucky.

“Being set upon by a group of people - is this the law of the jungle?

“What kind of land do we have, what kind of country do we have? It is extremely disturbing”.

She bound Joe Mulcahy to the peace for 12 months on his release from prison and put Denis Mulcahy on a probation bond for 12 months.


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