Judge refuses to vary bail to allow accused travel to Alicante

Application: John Devane

Application: John Devane

  • by Mike Dwane

A LIMERICK man’s holiday plans are in tatters after a judge refused an application to change his bail conditions to allow him celebrate his wedding anniversary on the Costa Blanca.

Wesley Ryan, who is charged with handling stolen property in Fedamore on May 3 last, made an application to vary his bail conditions before Judge Eugene O’Kelly at Limerick District Court.

Mr Ryan, 36, of Castlequarter Heights, Fedamore, intended to travel to Alicante for a week in late August in order to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife, his solicitor John Devane told the court.

Judge O’Kelly noted that Mr Ryan was currently subject to “strict bail conditions including a curfew”.

He then inquired who it was intended to pay for the holiday.

Mr Devane said the holiday had been bought as a present by Mr Ryan’s in-laws.

“If that is the case, I want evidence showing where that money is coming from. This man had no money to pay for legal fees. He comes in to court looking to go away to Alicante for a week on holidays while the taxpayer continues to pay for his legal fees,” Judge O’Kelly said in refusing the application.


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