Jacqui will be the voice of sport on RTE2 programme - By CATHAL McMAHON

LIMERICK Live 95fm's Jacqui Hurley has landed a sports slot on RTE2's 2TV. Ms Hurley, 22, who has graduated from Mary Immaculate with a BA in English and Media, said that she was delighted and surprised when asked to do the weekly slot.

"It was the biggest shock when they called me to do it because I actually sent in a tape way back in March or April. It was a terrible tape, but then one of the producers rang me up one day and said she had got my tape from a talent pool. It was all a bit of a fluke really," she said.

The new position with 2TV involves her having a chat about the weekend sports at the break of the programmes.

"I get four minutes every Monday evening before Home and Away to go on and talk about just whatever's going on in the sports world," she said.

She will commute to Dublin , but will, however, continue with Limerick's Live 95fm promotional Shadow Crew team.

"We work with Declan Copeland and Gary Connor. We're out and about chatting to people about anything that's going on," she said.

She can be seen on a daily basis driving around the streets of the city in one of Limerick 95fm's promotional jeeps.

The Wolfe Tone street resident is also starting to work on her own Friday night Most-Wanted show with the Limerick station.

But she is most passionate about sports. She played minor hurling for Cork and basketball for Ireland from a young age.

Ms Hurley was one of the prominent players on the highly successful UL basketball team.

And it was playing with the UL squad that she almost ended all hopes of walking, let alone playing for her country or featuring on RTE.

Ms Hurley was paralysed for a number of days after a clash with another player when she was 17. And after two years of recovery she was back on the basketball court and on our airwaves.

Her passion for sport is infectious, but it was only when she was on work placement with the CBS affiliate WCBI in Mississippi that she got her first shot at sports journalism.

"I started out as an intern down there and they were looking for someone to do a sports story and I did one. It led from there and I ended up getting a job as a sports reporter with the station there," she said.

"There was no hurling no football out there, it was all American football and ice hockey so I got used to doing all that and had ta lot of fun while I was at it," aid Ms Hurley.

She is obsessed with sports and doesn't mind what she's watching as long as it's competitive.

"I'd watch any sports anything that's any way competitive I'd be into it," she said.

At the moment, she loves the opportunity to speak about sports to a younger audience because it gives her a chance to "have a bit of a personality and a bit of a laugh".

But she hopes one day to be jetting around the world reporting on major sporting events.

"Ideally I'd love to be a Darragh Moloney or a Tony O'Donoghue who's out at the Olympics or something like that," she said.


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