Inmate drew blood during Limerick Prison assault

Eddie O'Sullivan bit a prison officer at Limerick Prison in November 2012

Eddie O'Sullivan bit a prison officer at Limerick Prison in November 2012


AN inmate who drew blood from a prison officer when he bit him on the arm in a fit of temper received a nine month sentence.

Eddie O’Sullivan, aged 25, who has addresses at Hyde Road and John’s Street, pleaded guilty to assaulting Thomas Hanrahan at Limerick Prison on November 21, 2102.

During a sentencing hearing, Judge Eugene O’Kelly was told the incident happened at about 7.30pm as the defendant was being placed in an observation cell to facilitate a search.

Sergeant Donal Cronin said O’Sullivan became aggressive and had to be restrained by the Mr Hanrahan and his colleagues.

A short time later, while moving O’Sullivan within the cell for his own safety he bit the prison officer’s right arm, breaking the skin and drawing blood.

After producing photographs of the injuries to the Court, Sgt Cronin said Mr Hanrahan had a “horrible time” after being bitten.

He said he was on potent medication for several weeks, had “real concerns” about infection and received medical treatment from his GP as a precaution.

The prison officer, he added, has since recovered and has returned to work.

Judge O’Kelly was told O’Sullivan, who has 87 previous convictions, is currently serving a prison sentence and is not due for release until October 2015.

Solicitor John Devane claimed his client had bitten the prison officer in “an instantaneous reaction” and that he wished to apologise for his actions on the night.

Addressing the court himself, the defendant appealed to the judge not to impose a consecutive prison sentence saying he is having a “really bad year” after losing his sister, uncle and most recently his aunt in tragic circumstances.

“I have a lot of sadness inside me,” he said, adding that he gets in a temper “for no particular reason.”

Judge O’Kelly said because he had apologised he would not make the nine month sentence consecutive to the sentence Mr O’Sullivan is currently serving.


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