Fine Gael retains three seats in Newcastle West

Jerome Scanlan topped the poll in Newcastle West [Picture: Michael Cowhey]

Jerome Scanlan topped the poll in Newcastle West [Picture: Michael Cowhey]


FINE Gael retained three of the six seats in the new enlarged Newcastle West area, polling some 46% of first preference votes.

It was a significant achievement for the party at a time when it was being hammered nationally.

Meanwhile, Seamus Browne emulated Sinn Fein’s sweep throughout the country with 1,271 first preference votes, and claimed the party’s first seat in the area for nearly nine decades.

There was satisfaction for Fianna Fail in comfortably retaining its two seats but Francis Foley found himself squeezed given the concentration of candidates in and around Abbeyfeale.

Three of the six councillors are now based in Abbeyfeale with no councillor resident in Newcastle West.

Fine Gael took the first seat on the first count when outgoing councillor Jerome Scanlan topped the poll for the second time with 2,396 votes exceeding the quota by over 500 votes.

Michael Collins FF and Liam Galvin FG were elected on the third count with Liam Galvin managing to increase his first preference vote slightly over 2009.

But there was heartache for outgoing councillor Damien Riedy FG who found himself in a fight to the line with party colleague John Sheahan.

The elimination of Labour’s Stephen Goulding helped Damien Riedy more than his running mate and he went into the final count with 103 votes to spare but when Athea’s Seamus Ahern, FF was eliminated, John Sheahan was boosted and won the final seat without reaching the quota.

Labour’s Stephen Goulding’s vote fell but not as drastically as elsewhere in the country, but Independent Christy Kelly was disappointed with his 652 first preferences.

Joe Harrington, Anti-Austerity Alliance, failed to capitalise from the anti-charges mood which saw three colleagues elected in the city.

He polled just 198 first preferences while Fianna Fail’s fourth candidate polled 348 first preferences.




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