Father pleads guilty to assaulting son in West Limerick home

Solicitor Kate Cussen: father claimed to have been 'provoked' by son prior to assault at family home in July

Solicitor Kate Cussen: father claimed to have been 'provoked' by son prior to assault at family home in July

  • by Gerard Fitzgibbon

A DROMCOLLOGHER man has pleaded guilty to assaulting his son during a violent dispute at the family home in July.

William O’Carroll, aged 68, of St Joseph’s Park, Dromcollogher struck his son Denis O’Carroll in the head and placed him in a headlock during a row on July 3, which was described as part of an ongoing strained relationship between the pair.

Newcastle West court heard last Friday that the assault stemmed from a “difficult” living arrangement in which Denis O’Carroll still lives at the family home, but has taken out a safety order against his father.

Insp Dermot O’Connor told the court last Friday that Denis O’Carroll has lived with his parents “for a number of years”, but “does not get on with his father” and took out a safety order against him in 2012.

On July 4 Insp O’Connor said that William O’Carroll confronted his son in his room after he had put up signs with ‘do not touch’ written on them near items of his in the back garden. The court heard that William O’Carroll “fired the sign” at his son and began to strike him on both sides of his head. The accused then “held [his son] in a headlock”, before the victim fell to the ground.

During the attack William O’Carroll was “roaring abuse” at his son, “calling him a b******”, Insp O’Connor added.

Solicitor Kate Cussen said that the O’Carroll family have an “unusual” living arrangement, as his son “won’t leave” the home despite the fact that “they do not get on”. “The son is there without the father’s consent. It makes conditions most difficult for everyone who lives there”.

Ms Cussen said that while William O’Carroll accepts his behaviour was wrong, he felt that “the signs had been put up by the injured party… to provoke him”. Ms Cussen said that the accused “is not at all in good health”.

Judge Mary Larkin adjourned sentencing in the case to allow for a probation report into William O’Carroll. She also asked that “the full circumstances and background” of the family situation be included in the report.


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