Court action over caravans at Limerick industrial estate

Judge Carroll Moran imposed a two year prison sentence which he suspended for four years

Judge Carroll Moran imposed a two year prison sentence which he suspended for four years


SHANNON Development has been granted an injunction preventing members of the travelling community from “unlawfully placing and retaining caravans and associated vehicles” on lands at the Newcastle West Industrial Estate, Newcastle West.

An ex-parte (one side only)application was granted last Friday allowing Shannon Development to initiate proceedings against five named individuals and the matter came before Limerick Circuit Court this Tuesday.

The State Agency, which owns the Industrial estate, sought a formal court order compelling Charlie McDonagh, Tom McDonagh, John Paul McDonagh, Martin McDonagh and Patrick McDonagh to remove their caravans and property from the State agency’s lands.

Photographs of the caravans and several vans and cars, which were parked in the industrial estate were produced in court in support of the application.

When the case was called on Tuesday, Lorcan Connolly BL, representing Shannon Development, said court papers were served on the defendants at Newcastle West Industrial Estate on Friday afternoon and that they had “departed on Sunday”.

However, Mr Connolly said the “legal wheels had started in motion” following a number of other similar incidents in recent months and he applied for an injunction “restraining the defendants and all other persons,” who are aware of the application from unlawfully occupying Shannon Development lands at the industrial estate.

None of the defendants were present in court for the brief hearing.

Judge Carroll Moran granted the application for an injunction and adjourned the proceedings generally.


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