County Limerick resident fears there will be ‘carnage’ on his local road

Cal Mc Carthy on the busy road by Klmallock School    Picture: Mike Cowhey

Cal Mc Carthy on the busy road by Klmallock School Picture: Mike Cowhey

  • by Aine Fitzgerald

A KILMALLOCK man fears there is going to be “carnage” on his local road due to the increase in traffic and the speed at which vehicles are travelling.

Cal McCarthy who has lived on Glenfield Road on the outskirts of the town all his life says it’s only a matter of time before an accident happens as motorists are being forced to drive into the dyke to avoid speeding vehicles.

“It’s like a race track at times. People can’t walk now on the road. Years ago the HGVs were banned off this road because it was too narrow. They are coming back now lately and they take up the whole width of the road because the road is only 10-12 feet wide at the narrowest point,” said Mr McCarthy.

“Someone drove into a dyke the other day. They went in at the lower end which is about one foot deep but that dyke goes to almost three feet deep. There are dykes at both sides of the road. The mirror was knocked off the neighbour’s car as well,” he added.

The road in question stretches from the local church out onto the Charleville Road at Thomastown Cross approximately three miles away. The local national school is also located on the road.

“You have the school there as well and it’s only a matter of time before there is a serious accident. It’s bound to happen because there have been so many close shaves. Only for the neighbours knowing the road and slowing down, there would be carnage here,” he continued.

The situation he says has become progressively worse over the last 12 months.

“The trouble is they are not slowing down – the limit is 60. There needs to be more ‘slow down’ signs and more garda patrols. A lot of them are just speeding away and taking notice of no one. I’d say a lot of them are avoiding the town - they might have no tax or insurance,” he added.




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