Conchita beards and Hitler moustaches on ballot papers in Limerick

Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst


ONE Eurovision fan with Nazi sympathies drew Conchita Wurst beards and Adolf Hitler moustaches on all the candidates in the Cappamore/Kilmallock ballot paper.

There were 187 invalid ballot papers out of 14,772 but this was certainly the most unusual in the area.

The Austrian singer, who won the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this month, made headlines across the world and it obviously had an effect on one person in Cappamore-Kilmallock,

Due to the detail the prankster must have spent quite a while in the booth perfecting the beards and moustaches.

On another ballot paper somebody wrote “nobs” minus the k. A different one had “w*****s” written down the side where the numbers are supposed to go. An innocent mistake appears to be a voter putting three xs besides candidates instead of numbers.

Three ballot papers had pro life messages including no “no pro life vote” and “no pro life candidate”.

Another had “useless” beside a candidate’s name. Lastly a giant X was scribbled across the whole ballot paper




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